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Freckles Philosophy

At Freckles nothing matters more than providing the best early childhood education and care for your family.

At Freckles our philosophy is to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, happy and loving environment where your children have a sense of belonging and are protected;
  • Allow all children to be respected for their individuality, be sensitive of and accept individual differences in children and families;
  • Promote relationships with children and between the children which are responsive and respectful and promote children's sense of security and belonging, allowing children to explore the environment and engage in play and learning;
  • Recognise each and every child's potential and to value and nurture that potential;
  • Provide opportunities for child-initiated experiences and play;
  • Develop and maintain respectful and supportive relationships with families. Work as partners with the parents and families and recognise, value and respect their parenting role, their values and beliefs about childrearing, incorporating this into in Freckles programming decisions;
  • Provide information, contacts and support for the children, parents and families;
  • Provide a learning program of experiences which will promote the total development and well-being of each child. To implement a program which is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) that includes a curriculum which enhances each child's learning and development, where educators are focused, active and reflective in designing and delivery of the Freckles programs (QA1);
  • Provide a system of monitoring, observing and relevant record keeping for each child's learning and development, which operates in conjunction with parents to monitor children's needs and progress on an individual basis;
  • Provide up to date and progressive learning strategies in accordance with state and federal government regulation and the National Quality Framework (NQF) and in accordance with the National Quality Standards (NQS);
  • Promote the health and well-being of each child incorporating healthy eating and physical activity into the Freckles program;
  • Provide an environment that is rich in resources to stimulate learning and development;
  • Employ staff that have strong values, are experienced in enhancing children's learning and development and ensure their safety and well-being, are respectful and ethical in their relationships with each other, the children and families. Freckles staff are selected for their nurturing, caring qualities;
  • Reinforce positive social behaviour;
  • Provide a service to parents and the community which reflects their needs; and
  • Welcome families from a diverse range of cultures, languages and backgrounds.