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Educational Programs & Practice

Freckles Programs

Excellence in early childhood education is paramount at Freckles for children of all ages (Nursery to preschool). At Freckles our curriculum incorporates learning environments and programs to suit each stage of your child's development. We aim to nurture and develop a love of learning giving your child the very best start in life.

We are committed to providing a multi-cultural and anti-biased environment for all children and families.Children with additional needs will be supported and involved in all aspects of the daily programs and routine.

At Freckles the Early Years Learning Framework is used as a platform for creating our learning programs. Using the EYLF outcomes as our platform we then create unique and innovative programs that are:

  • are open and diverse, yet focused;
  • provide choices but are consistent and evolve from a constructed environment;
  • support the development of trusting relationships;
  • encourage respect and empathy between the children, their teachers and their peers; and
  • result in the development and growth of each and every child;
  • have been prepared, reviewed and updated in consideration of the current state and federal government regulation and guidelines, including but not limited to the Early Years Learning Framework 2009 and the National Quality Standard.

At Freckles we minimise group sizes to allow the teachers to provide as much one-on-one time as possible for each child. There is a staff member responsible for programming activities for children at each developmental stage. Your child will be placed in a group based on their age, social and learning developmental level. Our programs are reviewed and updated constantly. The programs we offer include:

Nursery Curriculum - Babies love to learn about new things, from the second a child is born they are discovering and learning something new every day. At Freckles our nursery program focuses on providing opportunities for our babies to grow and develop each and every day.

2 - 3 years Junior Preschool Curriculum - Our programming for the junior pre-schoolers will focus on creating opportunities for them to learn through independent exploration of our planned learning environment. The children also participate in a phonics based program aimed at developing the skills required for the children to learn to read and write in preparation for the child's transition to our preschool program;

Preschool CurriculumAt Freckles we provide a specialised school readiness program that is reviewed in consideration of advice from local schools and the NSW School Curriculum (in particular,key learning areas for Kindergarten). This will ensure that children receive the best possible preparation for "big school" and will leave Freckles as confident graduates ready to start school. The program will focus on developing problem solving skills, social skills, building relationships with their peers,introduction of literacy skills (talking, listening, reading and writing), and developing foundation numeracy skills. Your child will be encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for their belongings and actions and to independently deal with conflict with their peers. The children will also participate in a phonics program (which is also adopted within many NSW primary schools). A phonics based reading program creates a thorough foundation for the children to learn to read and write.